Home on the web for Adam Bellas, Internet Technology Consultant

I am a technical & visual-arts professional 20 years in the making and an artist of many mediums.

Long-gone are the days when getting on the Internet meant manually configuring a 3rd-party TCP/IP stack. I haven't had to manually tweak a GIF down to a custom 4-color palette for 14.4Kbps modem users in a long, long time.

Those are the days when I started learning, and I'm grateful to have been a participant since then to watch Internet technology grow into what it is now. I feel... PREPARED.

What is This Place?

This is my web property. It's a place where I experiment with technologies, document my thoughts and lessons (that would be the blog section) and basically do anything else a web developer and software engineer would do: EXPERIMENT!

If you're familiar with the Java/CFML framework Railo, then you know this layout was highjacked from its default installation theme. I'm moderately content with this, but want to tip my hat to the good folks at Railo. I've got lots of important things to work on for people who need me, so the (in theory) amazing, jaw-dropping, responsive, mobile-friendly, disability-compliant, backward-compatible theme... will have to wait.